• July 11 2013

    It is reported that as many as 50% of business owners are not happy with their website. This can be attributed to poor rankings, boring design, or weak conversion rates. At Inspire Web Designs, we understand that the web design and development plays a crucial role in the overall marketing campaign for a business.

    Putting too much emphasis on your design

    Most business owners spend too much time and concern focusing strictly on the website design. As somebody that strives for perfection with everything I do and as a small business owner I completely understand why people obsess about their website. You put your heart and sole into your business and your website is a reflection of that business and everything you put into it.

    Don’t get me wrong here, a website needs to be visually appealing and get your message across quickly. If you don’t have a professional looking site, you are going to lose a majority of your potential customers within the first few seconds of them clicking on your site.

    Being lazy with SEO

    Not taking the extra time to optimize your website is one of the most common reasons that a website performs poorly in the search engines. There is a lot to a website that the average user does not see. This content is created for the search engine crawlers to get more information about your site.

    Optimizing your website images can help you secure the keywords that your website is targeting. We optimize our photos before uploading to the website by including a relavant title and folder name for your business. Once the image is uploaded you can create a new title, alt title, and description to provide as much information as possible.

    Using H1 tags is also an effective method for ranking well for various keywords. These tags are not visible to the average user, but they are crawled by search engines.

    Research may be the most important aspect of SEO. It may be that your business is not targeting the optimal keyword for your industry. Another common mistake is to go after keywords that are too competitive. Working with a professional web developer, you can rest assured knowing that we will pick the best strategy for your business.

    Not taking advantage of Google Analytics

    The biggest mistake that almost all website owners make is not paying attention to the user interaction for their site. Every industry and every business is different. The most effective websites aren’t just built and then forgotten about, they are consistently monitored and updated to increase effectiveness.

    When we install analytics for your website we will monitor important site factors such as daily traffic, conversion rates, and the amount of time spent on each page. If your website is not converting at a high rate we can tell you exactly where you are losing your clients. Google also looks at this type of information to determine search results. If most of your site users immediately click away from your site, it’s going to come across as a weak website. In comparison, if your average user spends several minutes on your site it will be perceived as providing useful information to the user.