• August 01 2013

    We use WordPress for many of the websites that we build, the biggest advantage is the user friendly interface that allows a novice user to update website information. A website is most effective when updated frequently, so it’s a good idea to have somebody within the company that can make regular updates.

    There are a few disadvantages to using wordpress, perhaps the biggest is that hackers are very familiar with wordpress installations and will sometimes target these sites. The thought of having your website hacked is something that probably doesn’t really concern too many business owners. The reality is that we are starting to see more and more hackers target small business sites in order add links to other sites they are promoting. The hackers can upload links to your site without any visible evidence on your site, at least to the average user.

    Updating your Installations

    The most important step in keeping your wordpress website safe from hackers is to update all of your installations, plugins, & themes. You should also delete any plugins or themes that you are not currently using. An outdated wordpress installation can be hacked by almost any 13 year old wannabe hacker with a laptop. WordPress updates should be done as part of maintenance for a site and will generally need to be done 2 – 3 times per year.

    Keeping your shared hosting accounts safe

    If you have multiple websites or if your website is hosted on a shared account your site is susceptible to being hacked. If a hacker gets into just one site on the account he can get into all of the sites on the hosting account. You should setup your hosting plans to keep your website on their own private server that is not shared with the public.

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