• October 15 2013

    Did you ever realize that nobody can guarantee you a spot on Google? Don’t assume that you will be able to buy your way to the front page of the search engines.

    Google will sometimes use links to determine the credibility of your business. However, they are not looking for the type of links that you can purchase. They want to find what other people are saying about your business, not the people you have hired. If you really want to impress Google make sure your clients are happy and encourage satisfied customers to leave reviews across the web. The best approach for anybody looking for more business is to focus on word of mouth. After all, that’s what the search engines really want to display.

    Negative SEO

    A large percentage of the SEO industry is based on building links to your website. Essentially you are trying to make your content look more relevant than it actually is.

    Over the past two years there have been websites of every industry that have started to disappear from the search results. Websites are now being penalized if they have participated in strategies that are deceptive.

    Content is King

    Instead of spending money building links to your website, create content that is worth linking to. It’s usually a good idea to create a FAQ page or blog that might answer common questions your clients might have.

    When you are building a website, build something that is so incredible it would make Google look bad for not displaying at the top of the search results.

    You can still optimize your site

    Link building is often referred to as SEO or Search Engine Optimization but it actually has nothing to do with it. Actual SEO only relates to onsite factors, some of this information is not visible to the average user. Instead this data will be designed to provide accurate information to the crawlers that visit your site.