• July 14 2015

    WordPress is the fastest growing platform used to design and manage a website. It’s free to use and is becoming more and more popular due to the versatility and options available to customize your website.

  • October 15 2013

    Did you ever realize that nobody can guarantee you a spot on Google? Don’t assume that you will be able to buy your way to the front page of the search engines.

  • March 22 2014

    Most of the advice you’re going to get from SEO and Web Design companies are going to be directed towards the services they provide. The truth is that many business owners want to hear that they can pay some money to hire a company that will do all the work for them and take their business to the top of the search engines.

  • August 01 2013

    We use WordPress for many of the websites that we build, the biggest advantage is the user friendly interface that allows a novice user to update website information. A website is most effective when updated frequently, so it’s a good idea to have somebody within the company that can make regular updates. There are a few disadvantages to using wordpress, perhaps the biggest is that hackers are very familiar with wordpress installations and will sometimes target these sites. The thought of having your website hacked is something that probably doesn’t really concern too many business owners. The reality is that […]

  • July 11 2013

    It is reported that as many as 50% of business owners are not happy with their website. This can be attributed to poor rankings, boring design, or weak conversion rates. At Inspire Web Designs, we understand that the web design and development plays a crucial role in the overall marketing campaign for a business.